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Goodbye Upper Westside, Hello To A New Campus!

We provide children ages 3+ with formal instruction in Martial Arts. We also offer yoga, ASL classes and other special events, [found under the “Events” tab on either this page or the Southwest Portland Martial Arts Page:] but no longer offer Open Play, Music, Language Classes or Parties out of the former Upper Westside location. Upper Westside closed its’doors in November of 2018. All remaining programs have been combined with Southwest Portland Martial Arts at a new campus, one block over in SW Hillsdale.

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We have moved our remaining programs [children’s Martial Arts, ASL, and Yoga classes] to our new location, 6315 SW Capitol Highway (one block over from the former Upper Westside Play Gym location)! Our new facility is larger, brighter, and easier to access.


We offer Martial Arts classes for ages 3+ at our new location @ 6315 SW Capitol Highway, under the name Southwest Portland Martial Arts.  Click below for more details on our early childhood classes (ages 3-5).


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