Prenatal Breastfeeding Class 9/26/16

Young woman holding baby son in blanket

This two hour introduction to breastfeeding is designed for parents who want to learn how to set themselves up for success with breastfeeding, as well as experienced parents who may need a refresher on the basics.
Parent(s) will leave the class feeling informed about the importance of breastfeeding, and will leave confident in their abilities to prepare for and prevent challenges which may arise in the early weeks. They will also gain knowledge about proper latch and technique, as well as anticipatory guidance surrounding what is normal with a newborn baby.
Topics covered include what to expect in the first two weeks, basics of latch and positioning, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, and resources for seeking help if problems arise.
Taught by Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC of Vitality Northwest Natural Medicine Clinic.
$30.00 per couple attending. Sliding scale available on request.
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