Party Info

Come celebrate, or host your event with us! Upper Westside’s super-clean, open, padded floor can be tailored to accommodate intimate events or super-safe small scaled active celebrations for birthdays up to age 5. Martial Arts-themed parties are available for children ages 5-8 in the downstairs space as well, at Southwest Portland Martial Arts. The adjacent “party room” boasts additional space for partygoers to visit, craft and eat. A staff member will be on hand to help ensure a safe and memorable experience!

We offer private rental time slots at 1.5 hour increments during Friday evenings, Saturdays or Sundays. You may arrive to set out food 15 min in advance of the start time, for a total time allotment of 1 hour and 45 minutes [we offer only 1.75 hour blocks of time]. All that is required is that hosts be packed up and ready to go by the end of their time slot. *Bringing an extra bag or tub or two, and designating a friend or family member or two to help pack up – will help ensure that things move quickly and smoothly. 

Tables, chairs, chilled water, compost and select play equipment and open-ended craft materials are provided. During children’s events, a staff member will be available to help orient guests, run parachute play, active games, and group songs on the mats part of the time, and assist with the overall “flow” of the party. You simply provide the food and dining ware (and/or piñata if you like with our Martial Arts parties – we manage the “breaking” along with 1/2 hour of super fun active games) and we provide all else, including: craft materials, balloon animals, stickers, and staff to help ensure for a safe, active party!

Bring your own food, drinks, plates/cups/utensils, and decorations. No confetti, glitter, or choking hazards allowed. Heating devices for food are not permitted. A refrigerator is available to help keep foods cold. Alcohol is permitted if not sold – nor served by a staff member.

Play Gym Party Includes:
Free-Play On Soft Mats
Crafts In Party Room
Staff-Led Movement Games
Parachute Games
Ukulele Song Circle to transition
Balloon Animals & Stickers on departure
(Optional) Smash Cake High Chair
Staff Cleans All Surfaces & Removes Garbage

Martial Arts Party Includes:
Free Play On Soft Mats
Instructor-Led Martial Arts Movement Games (With Master Teacher)
Instructor-Led Piñata Time
Balloon Animals & Stickers on departure
Staff Cleans All Surfaces & Removes Garbage


Write to ask after day(s) and time slot(s) and feel free to arrange to meet with the owner for a brief “party tour” in talking through how parties are run in the space.


Youth Birthday Party (up to age 5)

  • Base price is $150 (for up to 10 children) and an additional $15 per child (past 10 and up to 15 children).

Adult Event (up to 5 children under age 5 in attendance)

  • $150

Adult Only Event

  • $100 (no children in attendance)

Members of any of our own movement programs, or Southwest Baby Boot Camp’s ongoing program may enjoy a $25 flat discount off all rental rates.


A highly qualified staff member will be on site at all times to actively help manage events and keep things rolling. Staff members and guardians are mutually responsible for the safety of the children. Services include help with set-up, greeting guests, collecting waivers, motoring and running active play and craft areas (play gym provides craft crowns and/or masks), switching out play equipment, handing out party goodie bags when families depart (play gym provides balloon animals) and cleaning surfaces and floor at end of event. An additional fee of $50 will be charged if the party extends well past the agreed upon timeline, (remiders are given by staff) or if an excessive mess is left behind for staff to clean up independently.


Write to with any questions, or reserve your date and time for your event or celebration.

Feel free to arrange to meet with the owner for a brief “party tour” in talking through how parties are run in the space.


Reservations are granted on a first come first serve basis. A full deposit is required to reserve your spot. This deposit is non-refundable unless the gym is able to re-book your time slot, in which case we are happy to return your deposit as gym credit. You may use the credit for any of our other offerings or another party time deposit. Changes can be made within 24 hours of booking the party, after that time the above policy applies.

Refunds are given only within 24 hours of booking, or if cancellation occurs 30 or more days prior to the event. If cancellation occurs within 30 days of the event, in-store credit will be honored.




** Maximum of 40 people.

** Alcoholic beverages are permitted, but employees are not allowed to serve them. Southwest Portland Martial Asrt and CrossFit Hillsdale and Upper Westside are not responsible for any issues (direct or indirect) that arise from alcohol consumption.